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Survival PvP Factions Legal Votifier Server Version 1.12.2


Situated on a 1:1000 scaled map of planet earth You spawn in Africa and can travel the earth through conventional means as well as warps to specific regions.
You can live life exploring the world with its many sights or create a faction and claim a chunk of earth for yourself and friends.
You can leverage faction’s ability to unite with other nations or declare war and enemy rival states. 

View the live-map to see established countries and players in-game:
Server IP: 

Server Facts:
Size: 43008x21504 blocks
Ores: Based on real life data and locations.
Topology: Based on earth
Borders: Earths borders are marked with cobblestone and iron bars (However players can change them)
UK hosted
Opened on Friday 10th May 

Auction House, Anti-Xray, Anti-Cheat, Combat Logger Prevention, Factions, FactionChat, FactionsDynmap, FastLeafDecay, Jobs, SilkSpawners, Voting Rewards, WorldBorder (End and Nether, both reset bi weekly)

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