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So, we are **WolfNetwork**.
We currently have:
✅ skyblock
✅ factions
✅ And more.
*we are adding more servers in the future but we need your help. DM TechnoTyg for more info*
After prison you guys can choose what minigame you want next.
Our server is created by TechnoTyg#0384.
GrippingAsp3789 is our owner and ivaneend is our CoOwner.
We originally started with the name **BluntPe** with the other owner called finer, but he got abusive so TechnoTyg14 took over. Then we combined our servers with a other community called **DragonBlunt** but that didn’t work out. Now we are here in **WolfNetwork**.
**website link:**
**applications link:**
**forums link:**
**discord invite link:**

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