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Survival Vanilla Votifier Server Version 1.13.2


Welcome to PolyCraft.

We are a community that originated from a very very vanilla server and took great inspiration from them. We loved the community and we loved the concept of still being able to work hard and grind out what you need just as if you were in a normal survival world alone. We are very sociable, friendly, and active community that love to help out in any way we can to new and older members. A lot of us are like a family and we are close and know how to joke around with each other. We are very adaptable people and welcome others into our family and highly encourage it.

We are a very new server, but a lot of new and old friends joining into this server, which is one of the reason’s we’ve picked our server name to be Poly. Poly can mean ‘many’ and I can definitely say we have many people who play on our server and use our discord channels. We do offer supporter roles, supporters will get cosmetic things, such as chat colors and trails in our server we try to offer things that wont break the vanilla feel but still make you feel like it was worth spending those few dollars to help keep the server running.

From the moment you log in, you will get “Welcome back’s” and “Welcomes” from just about anyone, and you can always ask for help and you will be help. We have all sorts of events where you can win prizes and potential of earning a free Supporter rank. We do also have a shopping district which is popular in the community trading items for diamonds and trying to balance out an economy on their own without plugins.

We hope to see you around on our friendly community.
The Staff Team

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