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Survival PvP Factions Vanilla Legal Version 1.12.2


▪ Scaffold/genbucket | Craftables scaffolds and genbuckets "cobblestone/sand"
▪ Withdraw money/experience | Withdraw money into bank notes to trade it with other players.
▪ Factions, power/members/chat..
▪ Bounties | With a GUI to see all the currently bounties and a GUI leaderboard
▪ Bartender | You will be able to try luck with the drinks, each drink have different chances
▪ Particles/armorstands | We have particles arround all our factions setup for a better look, also we have particle when teleport to other players, warps, etc..
▪ Auctions | Auctions, you will be able to sell/buy things in the auctioneer, and also BID
▪ 3x | Vote - Rare - Legendary crates, with a wheel opening effect and titles with your prize
▪ Envoy | Available in the main lobby, with a custom holographic showing the stats, containing three different tiers, different rewards/chances
▪ Jobs and MCMMO | See your stats in images "main lobby", custom scoreboard when levelup, etc..
▪ Custom enchantments, contains a custom menu with base heads to buy scrolls, dust and, lost books and enchantments information
▪ Blowable obsidian, you will be able to break obsidian exploding it with tnt and other explosions
▪ Custom enderchests | Different tiers with different rows. It depends on your rank
▪ Balance - TOP GUI | See the richest people through a GUI
▪ More fishes added | Fishes contests every day at 18:00 hours, you can sell all the fishes at the fisherman "in the main lobby".
▪ Leaderboard with leaderheads | A zone exclusively for the leaderboard, signs customized and all messages edited.
▪ Menu for tpa/tphere | A menu with all online players where you will be able to select them to teleport to him.
▪ Pets | Custom pets you can buy or tame.
▪ Much more..

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