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Survival PvP Sponge Legal Version 1.13.2


With a lot of passion and dedication Bellatrix has mined it’s way into the action. A new Towny that server runs on 1.13.2 without via-version.

We are trying to grow a dedicated and passionate community with friendly players and we definitely hope you can be one of those players.

The server is brand new as of 17th of November to bring you a fresh experience youll hopefully never forget. It has taken several days of 8+ hours a day configuring and trying to be creative to bring this server to life.

We aim to be a community-driven server where all players get to add valuable feedback, I read and take all feedback into consideration since I want to provide a experience where the players are the main focus, some things stay as they are for reasons, but Im almost always open to change.

We offer plenty of things but the main features are:
   Auto-rank with 7 different obtainable ranks.
   Cratesplus to supply a different way to earn various stuff.
   An auction house for your auctioning needs.
   Mcmmo for your grinding needs.
   Jobs Reborn for a way to earn money.
   MineableSpawners to mine spawners with silk touch.
   Towny to create your own empire.
   Vote rewards.

What are you waiting for? Come join the server today.

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