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Game: Garrys Mod


-Sleek, modern style user interface and HUD.
-Alcohol making process, along with a legal limit and breathalyzer tool for Police
-DJ with control over music, can receive votes and requests from other players.
-Oil drilling system with custom models for all of the machines.
-Meth producing job and coal/metal miner job.
-Weed growing/smoking/selling job.
-Kidnapper with rope and elastic restraints.
-Bank Robber with an all-new bank robbing system.
-Hitman system with payphones located at spawn to hire one.
-Taser and handcuffs for all police and government jobs.
-Civilians who sometimes report you to the police if they witness a crime.
-Many other custom jobs.
-Hitmarkers when you land shots on someone. Can be disabled in the Q menu.
-A new enhanced raiding system that makes /advert raid a thing of the past.
-PointShop 2 along with all of its DLCs - gambling, unboxing, etc.
-Custom money printers. I know, all servers have this, but ours look the best.
-Realistic economy (compared to most servers) - no 500k start here, sorry.
- Staff who actually want to help you instead of abusing their powers.
New content updates are being added daily.

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