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Survival PvP Vanilla Legal Version 1.12.2



Are you looking for a simple survival server without too many bells and whistles? Are you sick of large networks, PVP servers that are all the same, and worlds with so many unnecessary plugins it makes your head spin? Come check us out.

We’re an unofficially official continuation of MCEmpire. We’ve assumed the authority to make the second one.

Our plugins:

Towny - Make a town, protect your land, and start building your empire.

TARDIS - Travel the world in style. Craft a vehicle that teleports you anywhere, Nether and End included.

OldCombatMechanics - Can’t stand new combat? Play our 1.12.2 server with the pre-1.9 combat system. (You can still use your left hand.)

TreeFeller - Topple trees in one fell swoop.

MinePacks - Use /backpack to double your inventory.

CraftConomy3 - Buy items. Sell items. Auction items.

McMMO - You know what this is.

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