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PvP Factions Legal Votifier Server Version 1.8.9


Former known as ImperiorCraft.
Our IP: Play.RazerLegion.Net
Were RazerLegion, a server that is growing. We make sure that many people have a fine gaming experience. We have a 24/7 uptime server turned on 8GB of ram and can not be hacked therefore makes our server good quality server. In addition, we have set up all the plugins for the convenience of our players and maintaining good quality server. The server has Factions PvP addition, we have some things set so that there is good and fun gaming experience with this category. For example, you can buy in the shop spawners. The server you also offer to vote for the server and then get extra good stuff that you can make your first start for the server and approach the ultimate experience. The server also has a custom world that we offer you for the beautiful grounds and something different than normal Minecraft. Furthermore, the server also have custom plugins that we use to make the server just Slightly different from other serversen. And therefore, the server would be very nice for you.

The server uses good quality plugins put on good manners in the server and properly set up the server to be 24/7 uptime . We want to bring you an anti lagg experience and for that we have taken action on the server. We make a few plugins and we make sure that the server is made 24/7 . We can give you an example of the quality plugins that we have: Crate Loaded (premium), MoneyMobs, StackedMobs. These plugins will make you nice and fine charge, can play on the server and may thereby have a nice good start raiding of mobs and the voten.

How to begin:
You start with a starting balance of 5,000, this amount you can /shop or spend more on keeping your couch. Youre there yourself very free . The server also offers you immediately to buy a spawner so you have something nice to start with . You also start with 10/10 power , That means that you can start faction and many can claim on the server . You can invite friends to have more faction power and therefore more land. Furthermore, you can try to find other factions and trying to raid . Thus, you get more stuff to do and make overpowered greater your faction, you get the real feeling factions on our server.

More information:
Need more information about the server? That can of course. You can email us at:
[email protected]
or add us on Discord:, we answer almost all questions about the server.

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