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Mianite Legacy is a fan server based around the popular YouTube series Mianite. Mianite legacy has its own custom made story and a plethora of plugins and paths for players to choose. Players can choose from one of three gods, and go out to strike there own story.

Some of the plugins we have on the server are:

- Slimefun: Think Modded Minecraft but in a plugin instead.
- Lockette: Keep all those sneaky thieves out of your goodies via the simplicity of a sign.
- Custom Enchantments: Enchantments that allow tools, armor and weapons to become stronger then ever before.
- Combat Tag: Make sure that people dont wuss out when your fighting them.
- RandomTP: Why walk when you can teleport?

Mianite Legacy plans to offer a unique experience to each and every player, so why not hop on and see?

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