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Rapadant Networks ClonewarsRP, our pride and joy. The CWRP server is our most refined and well built server so far. As a clone you can enjoy a wide verity of things: Automated SIMs, Pilot Races, Passive RP activities such as repairing facility equipment, weapon repair and upgrading and in the future armor aswell. You can even do several things such as: hacking into enemy consoles, repairing shield generators, disarming set explosives and more. We even have more interesting things to do as a normal CT including classes and much much more.

Are you the kind of player who hates having to spend 10-30 minutes on a new server learning the same old annoying training session that every server just love to force people to do? Well good news for you. We realized how stupid that was and found an easy AND useful way around that. your training isnt even 30 seconds. Everything you will ever need will be in the F4 menu plain as day. If not feel free to ask staff and we will get it in ASAP.

And since we mentioned quite alot on clones lets not forget the Jedi right? As a Jedi not only will you have the best saber mod available to have fun but you will also have custom force powers being added overtime, a separate comms for Jedi only, and a side thing for Jedi involving hunting down holocrons during missions.

And finally comes the Grand Exchange, where players can take the equipment they have found, traded or crafted and sell/auction it off for credits. This is extremely useful as you can gain alot of credits for gear but also be able to get parts to improve the gear you already have. This also will include other items aswell later on when fully setup.

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