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A lot of people speak about HL2RP as being dead or in the process of dying. This is partially true.

But its not inevitable. The demise is the result of people like myself. Self-proclaimed elitists. Server admins and owners banning newcomers with the reason "Learn to RP". Learn it how? Where? Any place that could teach them, bans them with the same reason. Its a paradox.

This leads the newcomers to host their own servers. Unaware of whay HL2RP has to offer. It becomes resistance fueled, backing themselves into a corner. Events consisting of one large climax with no buildup after another.

Murder the MPF, OTA is called in. Murder OTA, and AirWatch and Striders are called in. The owners and staff in the resistance, having heavy ordnance blow them all up. They murder the CA, they murder Breen. Resistance wins the battle for humanity. What happens then? Nothing. Stagnation. The servers follow this inevitable cycle and succumb to it.

Veterans who were around during the golden age grow up. Grow old. Grow out of HL2RP and the online world. Into real life. Into adulthood. With them, interesting and intriguing HL2RP disappears.

This is what has happened. The big servers capitalize and cater to this new age of HL2RPers. Letting them enjoy the classic entertainment of HL2RP, at a fraction of the cost.

If youre a veteran, help us break this cycle. Help us secure a legacy and future for HL2RP.

Retain the art. Maintain the allure.

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