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Legal Version 1.10.2


This Server contains many mods. 
using the modpack Sprout version 1.10.2.
you can find the modpack easily on twitch by typing sprout into the search bar. ^^

9 block claim per player.
No griefing.
No Stealing.
You may only make bases at least 20 blocks away from the starter zone.
Do not set up any Traps that can harm players (hidden holes in ground, hidden lava pits, ect)

Creeper explosions are turned off, to protect your buildings.
Pvp is Turned off.
there are NPC shops set up in the starter location, and will be more added around the world.

this includes an Animania animal egg shops where you can buy many types of sheep, cows, chickens, pigs and more. great for anyone who plans to focus on animal husbandry and farming ^^

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