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[center][size=24px]Kingdoms of Mildra[/size][/center]
[center][color=#808080][size=14px]Welcome to Kingdoms of Mildra, a custom-made server
where you can start a kingdom with your friends to conquer the Mildraean lands.[/size][/color][/center]


[p]After more than a month of programming, I am glad to announce Kingdoms of Mildra, a new 1.12 server for you and your friends to build your own kingdom. Build cities and castles, lay roads and dig canals, fight wars and dominate the world.[/p]
[p]The world is generated using "Biome Bundle" (Link:, an awesome custom terrain generator that brings a more realistic feel to the world. (example: header image)[/p]
[p]Everyone can /start or /join a kingdom. Kingdom are controlled by their kings, who can invite people to join the kingdom. Kingdoms have exclusive control over their territory: only players of that kingdom will be able to hunt, mine and build there.[/p]
[p][b]Claiming land
[/b]A kingdom can gain territory by claiming free land (/claim). That land comes in blocks of 5 by 5 chunks. Such a block is represented by one square on the map (/map).[/p]
[/b]Another way in which a kingdom can gain territory, is through fighting wars with other kingdoms. If you really want a piece of land (block) from a neighbouring kingdom, you can /claim it and declare war. The other kingdom then has two days to respond to the claim. If it chooses to go to war, the two kingdoms can kill each other’s people and livestock. A war ends when one of the kings uses the /surrender command. The disputed territory will then be granted to the kingdom that won the war.[/p]
[p]The block with the spawn point of the kingdom (set with /setspawn) cannot be attacked. That also means that until you expand your territory, you will be free from attacks other kingdoms.[/p]
[header=2]Alright. How do I start a kingdom?[/header]
[p]It is really quite simple. When you join the server, you start in spectator mode. That means that you can fly around at high speed to look for a good spot. Once you have found the right place (/map to look for free land), think of a cool name for your kingdom and type /start to start. You can then start building your kingdom and invite your friends.[/p]
[p]Be sure to start your kingdom within a certain distance of other kingdoms, so that you can trade if needed.[/p]
[header=2]How do I invite friends to my kingdom?[/header]
[p]You can invite your friends by typing /invite . They will be notified of your request and can accept them.[/p]
[p]If they start getting annoying after a while, you can always /remove them. If they have any items in their inventory, they will be stored. You can retrieve those items by typing /leftitems, which will put the items back in your inventory.[/p]
[header=2]How do I join a kingdom?[/header]
[p]To join a kingdom, type /join . The king of the kingdom will be notified, and he or she can accept you into the kingdom. If you have been invited by this kingdom, you will be automatically teleported to their kingdom.[/p]
[header=2]Hostile mobs and the nether are disabled, how do I get bones, slime, etc.?[/header]
[p]To make things a little more realistic, we have disabled hostile mobs. The nether is also disabled for realism and technical reasons. A useful overview on where you can get the mob drops and nether items:[/p]
[*]Slime, bone, rotten flesh: killing cows, sheep, pigs, horses, etc.
[*]String: breaking or decaying leaves
[*]Gunpowder: craft one piece of lapis lazuli and one charcoal to get 8 gunpowder
[*]Blaze rod: craft a 3-long stick of gold nuggets
[*]Nether brick blocks: put clay brick blocks in the furnace
[header=2]How do I assign people roles?[/header]
[p]You as king can assign people different roles. For this exists the rank system. Type /ranks to see the ranks in your kingdom and create new ranks. Different ranks can have different permissions. This way you can create a rank for a minister of war, or police officers for example. You can assign ranks to players by typing /setrank [/p]
[p]Example rank:[/p]
[p][img width=442 height=173][/img][/p]
[p]This server has a lot of custom commands that help with navigating, setting up a kingdom and managing it. Here is a list of the commands that you will need:[/p]

[p]/map Shows a map of where you are and the kingdoms around you[/p]
[p]/start Create your kingdom at your current location[/p]
[p]/player Show information about a certain player[/p]
[p]/kingdom Show information about a certain kingdom[/p]
[p]/kingdoms Shows you a list of all the kingdoms on the server[/p]
[p]/visit Visit a kingdom (only available when in spectator)[/p]
[p]/accept Shows an overview of invites (if you are not in a kingdom) or join requests (if you are the king or have appropriate permission)[/p]
[p]/frisk If you are the king or have permission to frisk, you can frisk people. This is useful for police[/p]
[p]/ranks See (King only: and manage) the ranks of this kingdom[/p]
[p]/setrank (King only) Sets the rank of a player[/p]
[p]/setspawn (King only) Sets the spawn point for when you die. Also marks the mega chunk of the spawn as the capital. This mega chunk cannot be attacked by other kingdoms[/p]
[p]/invite (King only) Invite a player to your kingdom[/p]
[p]/remove (King only) Remove a player from your kingdom[/p]

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