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Welcome to a brand new server called HydroPE KitPvP. We have so many unique features, and as for voting too.
We aim for this to be a number one KitPvP server.

Here are the features we have to offer:

* Vote to get Kits.

* OP Starter kit.

* 1vs1 battles.

* Epic FFA battles

* Epic KitPvP battles.

* Get 64 enchanted god apples for voting.

* Nice builds

* Get Bow and arrows by voting.

* Get 100 points for killing players.

* We have a leaderboard. Do /kr to see how many points you have, and /kr top to check the top killers leaderboard, or click the slappers to show the options.

And more.
Let is know if any bugs occur, as this is currently in BETA, so report bugs you see.

Vote for us @
You gain: Diamond gear, armour, 64 enchanted golden apples, bow and 64 arrows.

Youtube rank - Coming very soon. Enjoy.

Voting didnt work? Contact Zeao on kik: @ZeaoPlayzMC or kik: @JCSupport, or contact him on discord @ Zeao#9648
We also have a discord server coming soon, so enjoy.

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