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Welcome to Prismatic Gaming.

Faction, Creative, Skyblock (Alpha) and Zombies (Beta) MC servers as well as our Garry’s Mod DarkRP and Garrys Mod Prophunt server and now Unturned as well as Rust.
Here is a look at what we have to offer.

Hub Server
Waiting for a friend, or just hanging out, our hub has much to do.

Custom made spawn: Any good community has custom made maps. Well, we spared no expense to bring you the best possible hub map we could get. Imagine you are a god walking through a Colosseum among the heavens. Yeah, its that awesome.
Cosmetics: We have a large variety of cosmetics to choose from to keep anyone entertained for a while. Pets, gadgets (Some will make you fly.), particle effects, mounts (Some of them fly.), hats, suit, and emotes are the different type of cosmetics you can choose from. Inside of these is lots if different items to play around with. Over 120 different items.
PVP: Should you get bored of our cosmetics we also offer the option to PVP with our players.
Parkour: Enjoy little Easter eggs? Our parkour is just that. Complete the course to find a new area only reachable to donors and those who complete the course. You up for the challenge?
Donation ranks: Want more to do in the hub? Donate to get all of the cosmetics, access to /fly, and access to the Elite area of the map. *More perks to come*

Creative Server
Do you enjoy building but feel bad when nobody can see your amazing build? Join our Creative server. Build with friends to compete for the "Golden Plots" next to spawn.

Custom made map: Everything about our creative servers map is custom made. The roads, the golden plots, and of course, the spawn. We even manage to turn our logo into a 3D sculpture of beauty that ever so flawlessly incorporates into the spawn.
Pets: Feeling lonely while building? Feel free to spawn in one of our 40+ pets. You can carry them on your shoulders, ride them and even edit how they look.
Build of the Month plots: Tired of building something amazing and nobody gets to see it? We have 8 "build of the Mouth plots" to show off the best builds of that month.
World Edit: have a big build you are working on? Dont worry about it become a member and get world edit. Its free to all those who join our website. And dont worry about crashing our server. We have a plugin for that.
Donation Ranks: Should you want more pets, more commands, and more plots. We give you the option to pay for this. You get a cool tag also.

Factions Server
Classic Factions. However, we have lots of plugins installed to optimize your experience on our server.

Custom made spawn: Not your typical square boring castle spawn. However, we want to keep the tradition of the castle spawn. So we put it on an island with a village. Take your starting boats and travel in any direction of your choosing. With 3 different biomes less than 300 blocks from the Island we are sure you will find something to your liking.
MCMMO: A basic necessity for any Factions server.
Vote crates: We appreciate when you vote for us. So, we give you a little something in return. A key that unlocks one of 6 different chests. Increasing in rarity as they progress.
Kits: We give you the option to use kits once a day. The more time you spend in-game the more kits you gain access to.
Envoy: These are random care packages that drop around the spawn. They contain all sorts of good items. Items similar to those found in kits but all players have access to these, all the time.
Donation Ranks: 6 different ranks you can purchase. They come with all type of perks. Everything from the increased number of home you can set, to more commands, access to better kits without having to wait forever to get them via in-game time, more IGM (In-game Money), and MCMMO points to upgrade your favorite skills.

We have lots we are planning. None of the items below are in production yet due to lack of funds. However, they will be dependent on your support.

Zombies: Currently tending throughout the Minecraft community. This Call of Duty turned Minecraft zombies game modes is sure to be a hit in our community. With all custom made maps and professionally done plugins. You wont have to worry about glitches, bugs, or anything that will ruin your experience.
Skywars: One of my personal favorites. This is something every large community needs. Once again all custom made maps. Planning to open with at least 4 different maps to play on.
Skyblock: A simple idea that players love. 3 different custom made islands with increasing difficulties. And of course, a custom-made spawn.
KitPVP: Planning to release with one hub connected to two maps. Lots of kits and different classes to play with.
Hunger games: Only the largest community have these and for good reason. We will need lots of support from you (The player) to make this happen. It would come with a hub, and 2 maps to choose from.

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