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Survival Legal Version 1.12


NAME: USA Fort Fate.
Mode: Survival.
Offline/Online (Free minecraft on PC and premium.)
(Easy login added, just say /register hello or something. Be sure to remember whatever phrase you choose. )


Server includes army ranks E1 private to E9/c sergeant major of the army, and then 0-1 Second Lieutenant to 0-10 General.

Teams/Divisions for you include:

Drill Sergeant.(Training people)
Military Police.(Help and protection)
1st Infantry.(First to go to wars)
4th Infantry.(Backup for wars *better guns*)
Marines.(We send these guys when we are loosing. *best guns*)
Rangers.(Scout outside the base with horses to find new areas to build, and "clearing" villages for entry.)
Airborne.(They have /fly and can use airstrike weapon. We call you in for strikes on chords.)
Insurgent(Civilian enemy. Did that guy just pick up a gun?)
Terrorist(Terrorist attack us any chance they get. Factions, guns, and secret bases are what you like.)
Civilian(Come and go as you please.)
We need help building.

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