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Survival Factions Sponge Pixelmon Legal Votifier Server Version 1.10.2


Mods required:
Pixelmon 5.0.1 (download the pixemon launcher beta for easy installation)
Biomes O Plenty MC 1.10.2 v-5.0.0 Link to the download page:


Basic Info:
We are looking for a more adult crowd. Meaning that language and similar things are allowed. DO NOT JOIN if you are easily offended by adult humor or language.
That being said, we do not have an age requirement. Kids can join if they do not mind the above statement.

1. An easy to access donation shop with perks.
2. AI Gyms (Under Construction)
3. Awards for Voting
4. Pixelmon Spawning in the Biomes O Plenty biomes.
5. Naturally spawning NPCs and Gyms.
Note: Currently we are still building the spawn as well as adding new features and plugins.

We are looking for "Assistants" which are low level staff. More information on that will be on our website.
(Note: There is an application)

If you spot any bugs or anything that seems strange or out of place. Let the staff or myself know as we will fix it immediately if it is an issue.

All credit for Biomes o Plenty goes to the programmers that made the mod, we are in no way taking credit for their hard work. More information on them at the link above.

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