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Survival PvP Minigames Skyblock Legal Version 1.10.2



Hello and welcome to Oasis MC.

Originating as a survival server over 5 years ago in the early days of Minecraft Oasis was forged as one of the best SMP servers out there. Over time we have grown with the Minecraft community and during the era of 1.9 we became Oasis MC and extended our boundaries to a minigames server as well as a PVP server. Traditional survival, mob battles, pvp arenas, survival games, hide and seek, pure traditional PVP world with special bosses and much much more. Its safe to say you wont be short of something to do here.


Our SMP server is one of the oldest (and best.) out there with a tight knit community, we are home to many players of all ages. With time based ranks that you earn you need not spend a penny but we do accept donations that come with their own perks. We are an anti-griefing SMP server with many plugins present to keep your builds safe. We use core protect, McMmo, world guard, and many many more to grant you the best playing experience. You can immediately apply for our member rank to get access to iron tools and get yourself on the ranking ladder. If you want to have a traditional Minecraft survival experience with a great friendly community surrounding you then Oasis is the place to be.

Our SMP server also has a dedicated skyblock world with separate economy and inventory. Do /island to start your skyblock adventure complete with many challenges.


Our sprouting minigames server plays host to many great and entertaining minigames for you and your friends. From our very own "Wave Survival" mob arena games, Pirate themed PVP battles, Elytra race courses, survival games, hide and seek, spleef and many more, you wont be short of games to play. We also have a points system in the minigames server to allow you to unlock new kits and classes for the various games as well as cool particle effects.


Our PVP server is one of the few embracing the developments in combat into 1.9. And while we have tweaked it slightly to create the best experience, it is in accordance with Mojangs wishes. With griefing and raiding allowed you can be in for an exciting dynamic experience, with special bosses appearing in locations to grant you epic rewards. Team up with your friends and embrace our true player vs player experience. We have plugins in place to prevent combat logging, spawn camping and many more so there is no need to worry about being cheated from your kills.

We try to make Oasis the best Minecraft experience out there, with loads of plugins, many of which we custom built and tailored to our server, all that we are waiting for is YOU. Come and join one of the longest standing Minecraft servers there is, we hope to see you soon.

Owners: Madscientist032 & Paxination

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