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Aerlyn MC

Welcome everyone to the official opening of our new Semi-Survival server going by the name of Aerlyn Survival. This is a server with a very complex style of land claiming that is far different from factions but is very unique in its own way. To begin with, you start off with an introduction book explaining what you will be experiencing and interfacing with throughout the gameplay of this server. It gives you a brief tutorial on how to start off by claiming your land, on your first join, you have been given 2 SPONGES to start out with. With these sponges you can go into any part of the wild and place these sponges to claim yourself a piece of land (1 SPONGE = 10x10 blocks of land). These sponges act like your personal worldguard regions. There are some very easy and very complex points this land claiming style has, but the more and more you play the more you will get used to it and it will become easier. Now you may be asking yourself about how do I earn money? Its pretty simple if your good with PvE. The easiest way to earn money is by killing mobs and players (PS. Killing players gives you more money because its more challanging). With the money you earn, you can use it on newer ingame ranks for a tiny bit of commands. To recieve lots of free rewards and prizes, you can vote for the server everyday. Keep in mind, the Top Voter of each month will recieve the first donator rank ([Hero]) with the [Top Voter] suffix. If they keep the Top Voter position, they get to keep the donator rank until they lose to position as Top Voter. To recieve the best perks you can and to also help the server stay up, you can check out the donation store for more information on the ranks. We hope you have alot of fun on our server, and we hope that if you see any issues or bugs, please report it to the Issues forum, thanks.


Aerlyn Staff Team

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