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Survival Legal Votifier Server Version 1.9.4


ConfidenceSMP is a hardcore survival server. What makes it hardcore is that you do not naturally regenerate health here. Which means Golden Apples and Potions of Regeneration/Healing will become your best friends. But to make it a tad more difficult we decided to also put the server in a modified hardcore mode. Which basically means you get 3 lives. So once youve died for the 3rd time you are unable to play on the server. You will be put into permanent Spectator mode once you have died. We also realize how bland and boring SMP servers can get after a while, so in an attempt to not only make our server different from others, but for the enjoyment and in an attempt to keep the players from growing bored of the server after a while we have periodic competitions for the server members. Each of which include different themes and challenges the player must overcome.

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