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Survival PvP Hardcore Legal Votifier Server Version 1.9.4


My plans as an owner are totally for the community. I hope to grow, and along with the newbies I will also be in-game to offer any support needed.

TrumpWind Anarchy is hosted in Montreal, Canada running Craftbukkit 1.9.4 and will be until all plugins are compatible to 1.10 ..

Recently we have added the airships & brewery plugin. You may now take to the skies drunk as S#.%
Also for the gambling folk. Within spawn we have our very own casino to waste all your money gambling )

We include:
- AirShips
- Mcmmo
- Brewery
- Tamable Pets (rank specific)
- Vampires plugin. IE: Become or destroy :D
- Hardcore-Survival
- Raiding
- Crates
- Greifing
- PvP
- PvE
- NO rules, TOTAL anarchy
- 30+ plugins
- Ranks
- Store
- Rent-able Shops
- Economy
- /wild
- sethomes max 3 (depends on rank)
- Player Particle Packs
- God Armor & Weapons

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