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PvP Prison Legal Votifier Server Version 1.9.4



Hello. This server is a brand new OP Prison server with lots of room to grow. The server is based off the Dreamer Craft network which is also a new, growing network that I hope you will be apart of. We have 100% uptime which means you never have to stop playing.

I look forward to seeing you on the server.

Server IP:
Server Type: OP Prison

- Golden Apple Cooldows
- Fast Mines
- Crate keys
- 200 Slots
- No Lag
- Plots
- Prestige

- Bounties (Use /bounty to set a bounty on someone.)
- Crates (Walk to the right of spawn to test your luck.)
- Epic World Generation (Experience everything Minecraft has to offer. You just hafto escape first.)
- Tags (Express yourself with our amazing tags. Just use /tags)
- Custom Plots (Use /plots)
- Auction House (Sell your hard earned goods here.)
- Token Enchant (Spend tokens to enchant your gear.)

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