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Survival Creative PvP Minigames Legal Version 1.9


The server started back up in March 2013 as a creative server with multiple plots and worlds after first opening as a SMP server back in January 2012. We have a reasonably sized, friendly community and hope you will join us soon. Please be sure to read the rules on the server and the commands available to you.

What do I do on the server?
The idea of the server is to work up through the ranks by creating unique and inspiring builds, starting on small plots and being promoted up to bigger plots and new worlds to build in.We also now have a survival world if you want to take a break from all that creative building.

Where do I build?
There are 4 worlds to build in:
Starter: 32x32 plots
Intermediate: 64x64 plots
Advanced: 128x128 plots
Expert (Illyria): Freebuild

How do I access bigger plots?
Simple. When youve finished a plot ask an admin, moderator or other highly ranked player to check if its good enough for the next rank. At certain milestones you will be able to build in the next size plots. We have over 14 different ranks to work through to keep you busy for a while.

I dont want to wait that long. I want to build big now.
If you dont want to work up through the ranks you can instantly access build rights to all worlds and more perks such as commands by donating. We have two packages on offer, Premium which allows you to build in any world, disguise as mobs and more, and Legend, which also allows the use of the dragonshout Fus Ro Dah and a real life metal pendant.

Please see website for full details. To donate to the server simply type /buy or /donate in-game and you can donate through Buycraft or Enjin, and be instantly promoted once your payment is processed.

What else can I do?
We have lots of minigames including Survival Games, Hot Potato, Horse racing, a casino, pictionary, PropHunt and MobArena. Not to mention a full survival world to enjoy if youre bored of creative.
And were always adding new things to enjoy and hosting competitions.

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