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Survival Vanilla Skyblock Legal Version 1.9.4


**Server Information**

Server Name: Older Than DOS - Whitelisted mature Adult Minecraft Community.

Server Location: U.S.A


Server Address/IP:

Minecraft Version: 1.9

Game Play Types: Survival, PvE, Mature, Adult, PvP (Designated Arenas).

**About Us**

Older Than DOS is a mature, proudly whitelisted minecraft community that aims to provide a stress-free experience for mature minecraft players. Our staff team strives to make sure the server is running at maximum potential. We take pride in our atmosphere here at OTD. With experienced, older staff members and an older audience, we emphasize a grief and troll-free atmosphere.

We are an older server with a fresh, squeaky clean 1.9 minecraft map. We have a lot of fun, laid back and interesting things in the works, and we want you to come be a part of that, as well as a part of watching and helping our server grow into a flourishing, stress-free and fun environment to kick back and play minecraft on.


-No Griefing
-No stealing/Trolling
-No Children. (We do make exceptions if you are mature for your age.)
-No Advertising other servers and or personal information
-The staff team has the final decision on anything
-Please respect everyone, including staff
-Have fun...


Multiverse, Essentials, Craftbook, Spigot, and various other plugins.

REMINDER: We are a whitelisted server, and so you will have to apply on our website (still under construction) to fill out an application. Please reply here to be whitelisted, and include your IGN and AGE. We conduct searches based on Minecraft usernames for age verification and previous infractions such as bans.

*We are looking for some staff members to help us in the near future, feel free to apply for staff on the forum.*

*We will respond with an answer to every application, but please allow up to a week before we reply.*

Thank you so much for reading, and we cant wait to see you on Older than DOS...


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