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Survival PvP Vanilla Legal Version 1.9.4


We are a simple vanilla server. Some might call us semi-vanilla due to the plugins we use to moderate our server. However when it comes to the game play, nothing is changed.

As of right now, we have no intentions of changing our server. Right now, we would like to build up our community will loyal players and go from there. In the future, we may just make our server a multi world RPG / vanilla server. But for now, we are a simple yet fun MC Server with active Admins and NO lag.

Background info: I am an experienced coder who has been running servers for the better part of 7 years. I started in CMP Classic Multiplayer and slowly evolved to SMP Survival Multiplayer. Over the years I have made many projects and gained invaluable experience. Now I am back again and would like to release another project that you all will grow to love and enjoy. If you ever need anything, or have questions, please feel free to ask.. My IGN is x0Z3ro0x. I host the server, build, code plugins, config plugins, and host our own website which is currently being developed. I am a one man army some might say.

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