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Hi. Thanks for showing interest in our server. :)

Rabbit-Craft is a 24/7 PvP Raiding Factions server.

It is also Roleplay due to some mechanics:
1. /tpa, /spawn, /home are disabled (except /f home, and you need to wait 10 seconds in order to be teleported)
2. We have Diseases that can weaken and/or kill you. To find the cures type /cures .
3. The money is represented by how much gold do you have in the inventory. (1 Gold Nugget = $1, 1 Gold Ingot = $10, 1 Gold Block = $100)
4. We also have a ranking system based on how much money you have (in the inventory).
5. We have Gods. You can to pray to any God you want to receive rewards. But be careful, if you dont pray for a long time or eat unholy food / slay holy creature, your God will get angry at you and bad things will happen.
6. Monsters are disabled. (Except if your God gets angry and spawns them)

Elytra is craftable.
Yeah, so I think thats it.
If youre curious to see how the server is, just check it. You wont regret. :D

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