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Survival PvP Version 1.9.2


Deltamc has been designed to test even the hardest of Pvpers,survival experts and griefers alike, If a enchanced survival experience is what you are after then Deltamc is the place for you, just head out into the wilderness and create your own slice of heaven, just beware of raiders.

With a only a few plugins to enchance your server experience youll never have to work about long downtime or annoy long commands just to get around, all you need are the basic three /sethome,/home and /spawn and you are good to go, You can travel as far out as you please to make yourself from even the best raider/griefer.

Our spawn is a lovely layout with everything a enchaned survival server could ever need from a information area all the way to a shop complete with a special store for our most loyal players.

Once a week we host a Castle Defence Compition, where the whole server participate in a fight to defend the castle flag and win the grand prize at the end, We encourage players to record and upload the even to youtube.

Raiding, griefing, pvp and smacktalk is all allowed and encouraged. However, there is a few rules:

- No Hacking/Cheating (this in includes hack clients, duplication glitches, DDOS, etc.)
- No Threating to players and the server (Criminal attacks, Real Life Threats, etc.)
- No Spamming/Abusing Commands (Spamming the chatbox.)
- No Advertising (Use an instant messaging software to share ips such as skype.)

We are always ready to help and answer any question you may need answering.

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