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Survival Legal Version 1.9


You can join today at:
(If you cannot connect using that IP for whatever reason, try connecting with

What is Clover Survival?

Clover Survival is an Irish-themed family-friendly server that values community and accountability brought to you by owner Nikea8.

For those tired of griefers, the rules are upheld strictly to ensure a positive experience for everyone. Report any issues to Nikea8 or staff.

Why Join Clover Survival?

Experience all the excitement of Survival with just enough added features to allow for a functional and fun multiplayer environment.

Meet our friendly group and find a place to call "/home". Griefing is not permitted, but please remember to /lock your doors and chests just in case.

If youre in search for a community where friendships grow and Survival is actually Survival, stop in and say hello. Wed love to have you.

Basic Rules:

1. No griefing.
2. No stealing.
3. No cursing.
4. No spamming.
5. No caps.

Behavioral Rules:

6. Do not ask for ranks.
7. Do not ask for free items.
8. Do not promote other servers.
9. Do not harass others.
10. Please be friendly.

Server Trailer:

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