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Survival Skyblock Legal Votifier Server Version 1.15.2


The MYDCraft server focuses towards the vanilla style gameplay with pro-longing the Minecraft experience and making it even more enjoyable.
It is a tight close knit community welcoming anyone who respects and follows rules, with the community comes a dedicated staff team with 24/7 support due to worldwide staff members, ready to help out anyone in need of it.

MYDCraft includes: Open world, Vanilla, Custom Repair, Scoreboard, Voting, Ranks, Dedicated Staff, Small Community, No Grief, 24/7, Warps, No Lag, McMMO, Weekly Events, Economy, Anti Cheat, PvP, Disguise, Mob Catching, Shop, Weekly Trades and more.

Feel free to join the community we are always looking for new people.

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