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Survival Kingdom Legal Votifier Server Version 1.9


Hello and Welcome to SnapGaming.
My name is Doc, Im the servers head admin and personal caretaker.
SnapGaming is a fun, friendly and creative community just starting out.


Where a fun in depth community-player connection meets friendly staff and great players. With the Towny plugin, all of your things are kept safe from other players. Join one of our amazing towns with friendly owners or venture out into our developing world to start anew by yourself or with friends. Just be sure to pay the taxes. ) If youre looking for a fun community thats just getting started, then feel free to join SnapGaming today at See on the snap. :D

Our Staff

For ingame staff youll mostly see me. (Sorry for the fourth-wall break). Doc or IDoctorI as my IGN, I handle all of your ingame issues and can help you if you have any questions about the server.
Our Rules (Extended version Here)
Be respectful to other players
Respect and follow staff requests
No mods or hacked clients
Report all suspicious activity
No scamming other players
Raiding is allowed outside of towns (Unclaimed areas)
Report any bugs to Doctor (Weve still got some of those)

For a full list of rules please visit our website Here

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