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Pixelmon Legal Votifier Server Version 1.7.10


We are a mature server and are always updating so expect new stuff ALL the time. What are you waiting for? Join today and collect your free shiny starter and start finding wild Pokemon.

♦ Download Pixelmon 3.5.1 & Forge 1.7.10 (Tutorial and download links)

♦ FREE Shiny Starter.
Tired of starter out plain with some common run-of-the-mill starter pokemon? You can start out with a golden Charmander or a dashing purple Mudkip.

♦ Events
Shiny Room - Oh nothing, just a room filled with SHINIES?. All up for grabs by anyone who gets it first.

Drop Parties - Your typical drop parties but with Pixelmon items. Free Masterballs for everyone. (Maybe even a legendary..?)

Shrines - Always tired of popping up on a shrine but its taken? Have no fear. Shrines are hidden in the different towns. Be the first find one and summon its respective legendary bird.

Legends are summoned by staff frequently. Any second, minute, day, a legendary could spawn. Make sure your ready for it at any moment.

♦ Invincibility and Keep-Inventory.
I dont believe I ever quoted there was survival on this server.
No more struggling for food or losing your items in the doggy-dog world of Pixelmon. (But hey, we dont know what dogs are here, do we?) It can be tough when your only food source is so dependent on the server spawn limit of pixelmon.
Because of this, everyone gets an equal game difficulty. Collect Apricorns. Craft Pokeballs. Catch Pixelmon. Youve got it. All the fun of Pixelmon in a relaxing, stress-free, limitless environment.

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