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PvP Prison Pixelmon Legal Votifier Server Version 1.8


Here are some of our features.

Envy Block is hosted on a dedicated server with:
E5-1650v3 12-Core Processor
2x480GB SSD
DDoS Protection



Challenging Gyms - All gyms are player run and feature gym leaders with pokemon at least level 80 or above. A custom Gym mod simplifies the battling process, by automating waiting in line. Considering the many XP boosts, it is actually very possible to train your team quickly to compete among the best. Which makes battling gyms possible, enjoyable, and ultimately more rewarding.

Ranked Tournaments - Automatic tournaments, with an intricate rule system (yet simple for new players), temporary level adjustments to allow new players to compete, a ratings system to show who is truely the most Elite of the Elite, as well as automatic prize awarding based on tournament size.

Move Tutor and Move Relearner - Custom made for use on Envy Block in 1.7.10. Teach your Pixelmon new AND old moves using the in-game economy.

Vote / Donor Crates - Receive a crate for voting or donating that will give you random goodies with the simplicity of a right click. Not to mention plenty of other random vote rewards, rarely including shiny legends and rank ups.

Tokens - Instantly apply changesnature, size, shiny to your pokemon with in game items obtained via donating, crates or events. As well as DOUBLE and TRIPLE XP tokens, which as you guess it enable XP boosts for Every player. 1 token lasts for 1 hour and they last between restarts.

Unleashed Riding - Use the in game economy to make any visible pokemon fly, cheap, simple and amazingly entertaining. Is it a bird Is it a plane Oh its just two players racing each other on a magikarp and a caterpie.

Player Shops - Rent plots in the existing cities and sell items acquired during playtime on the server using ChestShop.

Build Team - Envy Block is hosted with Bungeecord, allowing the build team to build on a separate server with creative and worldedit permissions without even logging out.



If you have not played Infected before, the objective is quite simple. First, you get to vote for a map of your liking in the main lobby. During this time higher ranked players may be selecting a different kit to use or viewing their stats using the various signs and inventory icons available to the player. Next, you spawn into the map. Players have less than a minute to spread out before approximately 20% of them become mother zombies (disguised as actual mobs). If you become infected, the new objective is to kill all remaining players. The infected side has an unlimited amount of lives, while each player on the living side only has one (until they are infected). Players win by surviving the time limit, whilst infected win by infecting all of the humans. Whichever side wins the round gains bonus score.

Killstreaks provide a plentiful amount of supplies for those who manage to get them. Such supplies include CrackShot weapons (pistols, shotguns, bombs and rifles), ammunition, food to instant-heal you, etc.

Throughout your play, you will gain score and automatically rank up to obtain better gear for the onslaught. After you have ranked up Z-A, you will be granted the option to prestige back to Z and gain new prestige emblems.

Several unique kits are available to the player via donations, voting, or general playtime. These kits allow you to morph into different mobs, have special abilities, or start with different gear as a human.



LOTB is a modded Minecraft server featuring The Lord of The Rings Mod this is done through Forge. Any player who wishes to play must install both forge and the mod.

Join the server to enjoy a whole new variety of gameplay. Choose your own adventure, do quests, create clans, build armies, go to war, travel across a map over 200,000 blocks wide in each direction, make friends, make enemies, enjoy a variety of Minigames, and become a part of what WILL be one of the most amazing Minecraft communities to exist, EVER.


No Griefing, No Cheaters, Age Friendly, Active and Responsive Staff, YouTube friendly, no pay-to-win, nearly 10,000 registered members and counting.

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