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Survival PvP Hardcore Legal Votifier Server Version 1.9.2


--- IP does not need ":25565" at the end. ---

PureHardCore is a simple harcore server - when you die, youre banned. | Once you go past the black line in spawn, anything goes.

Welcome to PureHardCore. We are a relatively tiny server just looking for a good community of players to have fun with Minecrafts hardcore mode. The server has 1 staff member, the admin (fothermuck). This isnt gonna change so dont waste your time coming onto the server if youre just gonna ask to be staff "cuz mai bro used to ran a mein kruft serve and i wuz m0d and i wos guut..111.11." shut up and go away lmao
Anyways yeah come play if you want lol

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