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Survival PvP Legal Votifier Server Version 1.9


Your Mature Minecraft community.
Visit us at and register for instant promotion to the Citizen rank

Difficulty: Normal+ (Normal + some features of hard)
Gameplay: Semi-Vanilla with custom realistic world generation
Host Location: Seattle, USA

Why us?
Self-managed anti-grief services
Dynamic map of the server
Enhanced blood and gore
Community focuses to be built around mature individuals
1.9 combat cool down has been made less aggressive
Map generated fresh as of March 22, 2016

Treat other users how you would like to be treated and use common sense
If its not yours, dont touch it unless you have permission (No griefing, raiding or stealing unless stated otherwise)
If you see a player built structure nearby, ask before you build near it
Contribute to the co-operative community of Criio. Lend a hand to your fellow players, donate items to a community chest, etc.

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