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Survival PvP Minigames Factions Skyblock Prison Pixelmon Legal Version 1.8


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How are we a UNIQUE faction’s server?

· Custom Shops

The custom shops range from GUI shop for donators and also villagers who sell you our custom enchants for tokens that you can get from voting and buying. These tokens don’t cost much so they are pretty easy to get, don’t get confused though. When voting it’s a lucky chance to get these tokens just because of how powerful the enchants are.

· Custom Enchants

We do have custom enchants. Why? Because we don’t want the boring old factions every other faction’s server has. We want to spice the server up as well as make factions still factions.

· 11 Different Biomes

This is to do with the terrain plugin where it generates different biomes instead of the boring default biomes, this does not make players lag or the server lag because we have preloaded all chunks. This is a great feature just because it spices the terrain up and how factions go along.

· Random Generated Terrain

The RGT plugin has to be the most obvious in the server as the terrain everywhere is custom and has a very interesting way of making the server better. Having this plugin allows players to make bases in hills, caves and even on ground as there are mountains that circle small craters for players to hide and make a base in.

· Custom Dungeons

Custom dungeons are also part of the plugin that makes the terrains better but the dungeons add more taste and fun to factions just because it allows players to see the different types of dungeons. These dungeons range from huge to small holes in the ground. This does expose ores more easily but doesn’t disrupt mining as they are far down.

· Random Generated Chests

The random generated chest is not a plugin but it is joint in a plugin that gives the factions server an awesome terrain, having the random chests allows players to enjoy running across the terrain and stumbling across chests. These chests are only underground so players will also come across them when making a base.

· Quests

Our quest plugin interacts with players to help them earn that extra cash and XP to spend in the shop. Quests does work with factions and fits perfectly with the server mode and makes player enjoy the server more.

· XP Boosts

This plugin allows players to buy XP Boosters to gain double the amount of default XP when mining, there are different prices to range the amount of time the double XP is on for. This is a great plugin for faction players who love to mine and get XP to enchant gear and sell

Why you should visit our server

· We are a unique Factions server where we have many custom plugins and lots of paid plugins to make the most out of factions. Our staff are 100% helpful and they also make the most out of factions by playing too. You will never get bored just because how amazing the community is and the amount of plugins that interact with you and other players, having these plugins does not draw away factions but it also works with factions and makes it more fun. So come and join us on our adventures and see how amazing our UNIQUE server is.

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