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Survival Minigames Legal Votifier Server Version 1.2.5


### TechFreak

TechFreak is a Tekkit Classic Server no-pvp server with towny. We also have an anti-grief plugin, so other players cant destroy your town/nation. Our server has an unique economy system. Players can have their own shops in the player mall or they can make it in their base. We have a few minigames, like Mob Arena and Spleef. We have only a few banned items. Some items arent banned, but only the usage of it.

### Plugins
+ Essentials
+ Showcasestandalone
+ Towny
+ Mob Arena
+ Auction
+ Lottery
+ And much more.

### Dedicated
We use dedicated servers to host our servers so you wont get any lag. Unless the server is overloaded. We still can upgrade our server, if necassary.

### Vote
For every vote, you will get 2 dark matter and 500$ in-game money.
+ Vote sites coming soon...

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