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Survival Creative Vanilla Legal Version 1.9

Description is a dedicated, 20-slot Minecraft server hosted in North America that has been around since the dawn of SMP, known for its uptime and mature and active community.

A Focus on PvE with Aesthetics in Mind
We are a PvE server with a strong emphasis on creative, interesting, and intelligent architecture and design. We pride ourselves on our large, detailed, and collaborative projects that draw in new talent and create thriving micro-communities of likeminded players working toward common aesthetics. In your journeys across the PvE map you will come across various towns, villages, and mega projects with unique themes and purposes, crafted by hand and forever expanding. Look around and find a place in which to contribute and call home, or even start a project of your own.

Large, featureless structures such as cobblestone boxes or wooden depots are looked down upon and often removed. If you need help or think your building is not up to par with the server’s standards, our regulars will be around to give you a hand or provide constructive feedback. We understand that there are monsters and you want to survive the night, but don’t make your first build a huge cobblestone monstrosity. Start out small and work your way up.

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