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Who are we?

Hello, everyone. First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this post, if you just want to quickly join the server right away, heres the IP

Server IP -

Need a little more convincing before you decide you want to join the server? Alright, no problem. Heroic-Kingdom is a new, fun, 24/7 factions server. We have features that youre familiar with, so theres no confusion of what the purpose of playing on our server is. We have many plugins (a healthy amount), just enough to enhance your playing experience. We have just the right amount because we know players like you dont need all that junk that serves no purpose. We have just the essentials. So why not join today?

Why factions?

We chose factions because we feel most players are fairly well introduced with factions, and we hope we can show you what we can provide to you (if you decide to play). Now, we also chose factions because since were still growing (were only 1 day old), we wanted to have our playerbase grow a little. This is why we opted not to go for a server type, such as minigames, where if you have a little amount of players, it effects how many game types players can choose from. Now, this also effects factions, but not as much, so we decided to go with the safe route and choose factions.

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