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PvP Minigames Legal Version 1.8


Voting gives you 3k EXPERIENCE and 1k IN GAME CURRENCY (Chivalrites)

Hey you. Yes you. Have you ever wanted to play on a server with: Custom minigames and custom plugins?

Thats great because on PVPWARS we have that. From charity, ender brawl, uhc SkyWars and more

Want a rank? We got that setup.
Want to play? We got that setup also.
Want to donate your in game currency to a charity of your choice? WE ALLOW THAT.

on pvpwars there is endless possibilites and you have just signed yourself up.

If you ever need assitance you can contact any staff member at any time for assistance. They will be happy to help

Have fun

Please note that charity is temporarily disabled because of a bug with the automation system

Feel free to record and post your recording in the comments. It will be added to the videos section :D

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