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PvP Factions Legal Votifier Server Version 1.8.9


Welcome to tieredmc , we are a new server that is trying to
accomplish something no factions server has ever accomplished , we are
trying to create a server that is not pay to win and will not get boring
over time , we are spending a lot of time and effort in to this new
server to try and create an atomoshphere that has never been seen, as
you can see in the banner on the top here are a few features we
currently have , seen it all before .. ? let me list a few things we
have to offer
Stacked Mobs - mobs will stack which makes grinding
much easier and will cause less lag so people with not much fps can
grind away easily
Get Paid To Mine - for people that prefer to
mine than grind or farm we have setup a system which allows you to get
paid for mining blocks smelting blocks and selling blocks so you can
keep up with the economy
in the comments tell me what you think
of our server and let me know on what you would like to see added , the
server will be released very soon (1-2 days)
our online store
Paid To Farm - if youre a farmer we have edited the times on which
crops grow and where you can grow them to give you a custom farming
experience , you will also be paid to farm crops
Voting System -
Our vote crate offers all ranks at a low percentage but it is still
possible to obtain , anything we sell on our online store is available
in crates , all our keys / perks / ranks will be available in the vote
crate which means people who are not capable of donating can still have a
chance of winning a rank
Server Interface - Now this is where a
lot of time and effort was spent , we have spent many hours making sure
the server is player friendly , we arnt going over the top with custom
plugins that noone knows how to use , we have kept things simple but
added a few extras on , the chat looks nice everything you need is there
( we are taking suggestions , if you have any sugestions you want
adding be sure to let us know )
Rewards For MIning - aswell as
mining blocks you can also gain rewards for mining blocks , when you
mine 10 blocks a notifcation and a broadcast will appear this tells you
that youre starting to earn new perks , our main feature is chat colors
, everyone likes to be different so by mining blocks you can earn new
chat colors , new perks and eventually if you mine enough you get
rewarded with a rank.
Drop parties - yay a drop party i wont win
anything , youre wrong we are making our drop parties fair by not
dropping kits like normal servers do , we have setup a system in which
everyone will get the same amount of stuff nothing more nothing less
Bonus - For staying on our server we offer daily bonuses rangin from
money to keys , we like to give back to you for giving to us , what you
give to us is loyalty and what we give back is rewards

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