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Greetings, players.
My name is Blazer178 and I Co-Own a great community of players along with Sage and Luna, The Triad of Creations other 2 Owners. Owning a server such as ours brings a great joy to our hearts. When the community and staff get together, amazing connections can happen. We as owners are engaged in our community and strive to improve our server and our staff. The Triad of Creation is truly a place where you can join and relax, or make new best friends. Whichever you choose, we assure you, you will have a great time. See you there.

We at The Triad of Creation offer many things, these include: (but definitely not limited to)
[*] Latest version of Pixelmon Reforged
[*] Custom Shiny Starters
[*] NPC ran Gyms
[*] Rankup system
[*] Events
[*] Grief Prevention
[*] EV Pokemon training domes
[*] Great, kind and caring server staff
[*] Amazing community made up of some of the best players, like YOU.
[*] Crates (These Include Vote Crates)
[*] Controllable Scoreboard
[*] In Game Shop

Rank-up System promotes more than just your rank next to your name,
things like more Home-Sets, Access to more Commands, etc. happen through Rank-ups.

There are constant Updates happening to the triad of creation which adds new stuff, removes broken stuff or just fixes things.
. . . and many, many more amazing features.

Join The Triad of Creation today for an awesome time with our great community and staff.

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