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DungeTeck Modded MineCraft Server

What is DungeTeck? DungeTeck is a modded minecraft server instance
that runs our own modpack called, DMTeckMix 2.0. This server instance is a free build server, that has a wide array of mods for players to enjoy.

This isn’t a kitchen sink pack, that just has all the popular mods just tossed into the mods folder. Every configuration file that is available for every mod has been ran through with a fine tooth comb and I can assure you that this pack is very fluent as far as the configs are concerned. We pride ourselves, at DungeTeck at being very intense with our settings to make for a smooth running server instance.

This Server isn’t for the faint at heart. This setup is very hardware intensive. Below are a list of specs, minimal and recommended, that should be observed before downloading and trying the pack.

Minimal Specs:
3GB ram allocated to the Minecraft instance.
64 bit java
Low end (by todays standards) video card (Lower end video cards may require you to change default video settings to make the instance run smoothly)

5GB Ram allocated to the Minecraft instance.
64 bit java
1GB available video ram

We at DungeTeck invite you to join us as we build something big and not only build something big but to share an adventure with us as we work towards adding in server events such as, Spleef arena, Enderbattles, build contests, and much more.

We are also working on adding more economy type plugins as well. We are currently running BOSEconomy. We also plan on adding a shop plugin and improving on what we currently have available to you.

Is there any kind of block protection on the server? Yes, there is a plugin called coreprotect that offers claim blocks that allows for a player to claim plots of land for them to build in and control who does what within that claim area. Griefing is also mostly a thing of the past as we have put in grief prevention which is a plugin that logs all block transactions on the server. This means if someone breaks a block or removes something out of a chest we know about it. With this plugin we can also easily roll back griefs with ease as well.

In closing, the final question that remains unanswered is, why haven’t you joined yet? Let me first answer this by explaining how to get connected. You should download and install FTB launcher found here. Once you have the FTB launcher you should then adjust the ram allocation in the options tab. Then you should navigate to the 3rd party tab and click the button called pack codes. Then you enter our pack code which is 405372. Once you have the pack downloaded you will need to edit the server listing that is already there. I haven’t had the chance to update the server listings with the pack yet. Server IP is Once you input this IP in there you should be able to connect to our server.

We at DungeTeck can’t wait to see you on our server. So please feel free to join up with our community as well at Thanks for reading and as always everyone “Have a good one.”

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