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PvP Kingdom Factions Vanilla Hardcore Prison Legal Version 1.8


Hey. Are you looking for an extraordinary faction server?.
Then, The Walking Craft is the server just for you.


We have:

You and your friends must dominate everyone else that is in their way., by raiding, pvping and griefing.

Level this up to gain double drops, become a stronger warrior with the bow, sword and axe.

Enter the MobArena and go through many waves of mobs and earn diamonds and other rewards the higher you go. Level up your mcMMO skills as well.

Jobs is a unique plugin that lets you earn money for chopping down trees, mining, killing players, mobs and more (also levels up your McMMo.)

Custom Warps.:
Tired of typing /warp shop, /warp enchant etc.
Well, on our server we have /shop, /eenchant (with 2 es) /erepair and more.

Custom Gambler.:
Tired of all of that lonely cash sitting in your account? well type /gamble and buy a drink to drink, and in return you can double your money.

Just joined? Nothing to start out with, well type /vote and vote on the links to recieve rewards.

Want a randomly selected reward? well crates are the thing to get. you can get them from voting or buying them on our buycraft site.

We have an amazingly balanced Economy, we also have /sell hand.

Always wanted something to symbolize the defeat of your enemy? well, now you can with their head.

And several More Plugins.
Join Now.

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