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Do you play minecraft?
Do you enjoy small servers?

Well KidsCraft is the server for you.
Dont let the name fool you, KidsCraft is a server for everyone and anyone. We offer state of the art hosting to provide 24/7 server access and protection. Our server is jammed packed with plenty to do, see, and explore. We have tons of chat moderations, so you dont need to worry about pesky spammers, advertisers, and just plainly mean players. Our wonderful ticket system allows you to submit a ticket so our server staff can solve your problem.

We also have plugins such as Chairs, Auctions, Shops, so you can get the most realistic role play out of the server. Players can own their own shops and economically grow on the server. We also have a classic game called Mob Arena. Fight the hordes of the undead in a abandoned mine where ancient ruins have been disturbed.

All this and more can be found at

(The server is 1.8 and supports the latest version of minecraft. More information can be found on the sevrer or the website)

Here at KidsCraft, we formed the most child friendly minecraft server
around. Our server is packed with fun role playing plugins to entertain
you and your friends. Players can have jobs and earn money, as well as
build homes, towns, or developments for themselves or other players.
The server is a 24/7 survival server, there for, griefing and PvP is not
allowed. However, if players need to let off some steam, they may PvP
in the PvP Arena. We also have the unique Chest Shop plugin, to allow
players to sell items, make cash, and economically grow on the server.
We also have a special system to protect land and roll it back if
anyones items are destroyed by griefers. The server is also packed
with an advanced chat plugin, to correct sentences, censor profanity,
and block anyone from sending players to bad or inappropriate links.
was originally made by the minecraft player Cocokat1. He started the
server on his home computer, hoping it would one day spark to life and
be full of players. His vision was to recreate a child like environment
that he once enjoyed while playing minecraft.
Cocokat1 had made
servers in the past, many of them had shut down, due to lack of
players. Coco knew he was heading in the wrong direction by making
servers that were already created... so he decided to go a new
direction. He decided it was time to create an original server, one
that he would play everyday himself. He now proudly runs the server,
with the help of his wonderful staff.

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