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Survival PvP Factions Legal Votifier Server Version 1.8.7



Welcome to Insanitycraft, for all of those who dont know were a Faction PvP server that started on May 10th 2012. The server has had its hard times and actually went offline for a subsantial amount of time, but its today we start the comeback. Unfortunately due to lack of time the server was unable to continue, but with a new friendly staff and a supportive group of donators were making an impact.


What to expect on the new Insanitycraft?

Unlike in the past were going to be listening to every player request. Our top priority will be player satisfaction and if anyone is upset with anything it will be handled the way we see fit. Were going to be using all funding towards server oriented goodies, hopefully increasing our player ratio very quickly.

Were also going to be utilizing some of the plugins we neglected in the past such as McMMo. As everyone knows I dont really enjoy the OP version of any server, so were going to be nerfing the plugin a little. What that means is all the benefits of having McMMo on a server will still be there, but experience wise it will take a lot more work and dedication to level it up. Were going to be adding player shops eventually, why shouldnt players be able to sell their goods.?.

Staff applications will all be submitted to our Minecraft Forums post, that way were not only getting some new staff members. By posting on our forum post it bumps it and gives the server more publicity eventually adding new players. :)

Whats different from the old Insanitycraft?

Well inevitably everything, Minecraft 1.2.5 is no longer here and everything has changed... However were going to be adding a sweet new voting system, where you can eventually get Mob Spawners/Pickaxes/Armor/Ect. Voting adds publicity, and who wants to vote when theyre already at a decent status on the server?

What were aiming for...

Were aiming for a simplistic server, a simplistic website, and simply a fun time. All old donator ranks will be received starting Tuesday 7/21/15.

Thank you sincerely for playing on Insanitycraft, we wish you the best of luck on the server. Please invite all of your friends, our IP is

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