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Kingdom Minigames Skyblock Version 1.8.7


hey there projex475 here im just saying i got a new server its ip is up there
its 24/7 and free to join no whitelist no bad things
also to get to MY server on the network do
/server pro
so if u like sub to me on youtube
Y choose us?
well we offer quite a few minigames and PVP
we have great plugins. great uptime. and great staff.
(im projex475 on there)
We have some unique plugins.
We have always been 24/7 and always shall be if it crashes well get right on it

Q:I got banned what do i do know?
A:Instead of mopping on skype contact TheBlockLife wanaplaymc
Q:Can i be OP?
Q:What if i lose my stuff do i get it back?
A:If u lose your stuff that doesnt matter it isnt worth our time and
if u MOAN about it we will ban you.
Q:Do you guys have a teamspeak?
A:Yes the ip is in the hub.
Also if you want to see skins follo

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