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ExoticNetwork. Once known as ExoticMines and ExoticPrison, but now known as a brand new network. Here on ExoticNetwork, we provide the gamemodes: Prison and KitPvP, and more to come soon.

OP Prison: Our OP prison is not just an ordinary prison, it is unique. We have 20+ ranks and more to come. We also have 4 different crates for you to access with Crate keys.
1. Rankup Crate (You get one everytime you /rankup on our server)
2. Donator Crate ( This can be accessed by purchasing donator keys at our store,
3. DP Crate ( Every time we reach 30 votes, an automatic OP DP will start inside your inventory which has DP Keys. )
4. Vote Crate ( Every time you vote, you will recieve a Vote Key which can be used to unlock OP prizes )


On Prison, we have Saturday Night events. Our staff members host events for you to play to win prizes and vouchers. The bigger the player base, the bigger the prizes get.


ExoticNetworks KitPvP, a brand new server that was released to the network. Still in beta, but you can still have an amazing experience while playing on it. We provide 20+ kits that can make your PvPing experience on our server exciting. We also have challenges at /warp challenges to improve your pvp skills.

Every saturday night we make PvP tournaments on our server ( kitpvp )
This is your chance to win either a voucher ( $5 - 25 to spend on our store depending how many players there are ) Or a unique prize.

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