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Survival Creative PvP Legal Votifier Server Version 1.8.7


Welcome to the CubeCraft Network.

Hola, Bonjour, Caio, Hello. Welcome, everyone, to the CubeCraft Network. Here at CubeCraft we strive to provide a friendly and unique environment.

We are a small network run by professional and mature admins alongside dedicated staff to make sure you get to play in a safe and friendly environment that is constantly being updated with new features and community events.

Our survival server creates a unique environment. We keep the ideology behind vanilla Minecraft with additions such as:
1. Unique teleportation system
2. Plants, animals, trees, and grass respawn
3. Easy to use and extremely effective land claiming system
4. Trolls and other disruptive players are automatically removed
5. Advanced Anti-Cheat System that automatically blocks and removes hackers
6. Player based economy. No large spawn shop our economy is based on trading and player-based shops
7. Mall where players can sell items via ChestShops
8. Automatic chest and inventory sorting
9. Trees realistically fall to prevent floating trees
10. Resource World to ensure there are enough materials for everyone
11. Diamonds are intelligently placed in the world
12. New strategic mob drops
13. Ender Dragon respawns
14. Voter Shop with great rewards

We hope that youll give our server a look and join the community. We’ll always be ready to welcome you. ツ

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