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Survival PvP Legal Votifier Server Version 1.8.6



We are a new server dedicated to making your minecraft experience better. We have constant developer support and have a very smooth running server. So please come on and have fun. :D
Staff Information:
We are always keeping our eyes open for new staff members and since we are a new server there is a need for staff. But please refrain from asking anyone on the server to be a staff member. Just join the server and apply here: from there just click on the applications tab and apply.
Builders Info:
If you are a builder also and want to join our server build team please refer to the same link and proceed to the applications tab to apply.
Server Rules
1. Griefing and Raiding are allowed on the server. (But you can protect your stuff through towny)
2. Please keep swearing to a minimum. There are younger audiences who do play and love this game. So be smart about what you say.
3. Use common sense. Ask yourself is it right?
4. Have fun.

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