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PvP Factions Prison Legal Votifier Server Version 1.8


This server is a dedicated server wishing to relieve your stress from other servers. We provide a 1.8 Factions server so you can play with some new blocks, and not be stuck in 1.7.10,

- Crates
- PvP
- Factions
- Custom Enchants
- Koth
- Silk Spawners
- Random Tp.
- God Apple Cool Down
- Enderpearl Cool Down
- Anti Combat Log
- Ingame Particles
- Lots of Sales
- Great Donor Ranks
- Lagg Free
- Great Staff
- Need more staff so come apply.
- Crate Key give aways at 15 people
- Drop Partys at 20 - No Alts
Join us today.

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